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The Project Tarpon Invitational Texas Tournament is an invitation only Texas Tarpon Tournament, promoting conservation, research and sportsmanship.  If you are interested in receiving an invitation,  contact us below.  This is a Texas State-Wide Tournament - fish anywhere, with anyone in the State.  THE NUMBER OF ENTRANTS IS LIMITED.  REGISTER IMMEDIATELY TO SECURE YOUR SPOT IN THE TOURNAMENT.


(1)  Captain/Team Leader must enter and pay entry fee ($175) by deadline, August 1, 2019 - Team/Leader Entry Form (click here).

(2)  Each angler (not the Captain/Team Leader) must sign-in and complete the FREE  Angler Entry Form (anytime before going fishing, which can be at the dock or boat ramp before they go fishing).

(3)  Tarpon fish anywhere in Texas.

(4) When you catch a fish, take a photo with the emailed ID marker for that particular weekend (see the rules for more details).

(5)  Submit the photo via text message under the rules between 6:00 a.m. on Saturday and 8:00 p.m. on Sunday on the weekend you caught the fish.

(6)  Each week, we will update the Results page which can only be viewed by registered Captain/Team Leaders to keep track of what fish have been caught and by whom.  

(7)  Awards/Trophy Banquet will be in January or February at a Houston area restaurant (two tickets included in entry).


Tournament Weekends:  There will be two tournaments (4 weekends each) beginning in mid-late summer and stretching into the fall (Dates will be provided in your invitation).
Trophy Divisions:  Pro/Guide - Amateur - Fly Division.  A  Captain must register in either the Pro/Guide or Amateur divisions.  If  you fish fly, you can register in the Fly Division but also compete, at  your election, for the Pro/Guide or Amateur  artificial lure trophy (depending on who the registered captain happens  to be for the boat).  If you are a fly-fishing purest, you can stick to fly  only if you wish.

Trophies:  Each tournament will have trophies, please see the Rules page.
Registration Deadline: Registrations must be in and paid by August 1, 2019.
Entry Fee: $175.00 per Captain/boat entry for all eight  weekends of the tournament.  This includes two dinner tickets (extras can be purchased before the banquet).  Hats can be purchased at the banquet (limit numbers available).  We try and keep entry prices low enough to cover cost.  If there is a profit, it will be donated to tarpon research.

Invitation Requests for 2019 Are Closed - Feel Free to Contact Us About 2020

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